A Digital Archive Collection of rare and hard-to-find
Bell System Historical and Technical Documents


This Site represents our continued efforts to preserve some of the historical Bell System documents in digital format and to make these hard-to-find documents available to historians, collectors, students, teachers, hobbyists and other non-commercial, non-profit users.  The files on this Site are for historical archive purposes and use by collectors of old Western Electric telephones to repair and test phones in their collection.

If you are looking for technical information (like schematics) of Western Electric phones, check out the Bell System Practices (a.k.a., BSP's) page on this Site.  You'll find two complete Bell System Practices manuals on payphones as well as sections on phones found in homes and offices during the last few decades of the Bell System.



Books and Manuals:

Section 1 - History and Development
Section 2 - Principles of Dial Switching
Section 3 - Equipment and Frames
Section 4 - Distributing Frames and Relay
Section 5 - Method of Operation
Section 6 - Power
Section 7 - SxS Circuit Operation

Section 1 - History and Development
Section 2 - Principles of Crossbar Dial Telephone Switching
Section 3 - Equipment

Section 4 - Frames
Section 5 - Operating Features
Section 6 - Method of Operation
Section 7 - Power

Magazine and Journal Articles:


Pamplets, News Articles, Instruction booklets, etc.:


The following posters are found on my website "Tribute to the Telephone".  These image files are included here as a convenience not to mention they make a nice colorful addition to this Site of documents.



Some sample photos from the AT&T archives


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