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What's the first thing your customers notice about your business?

Is it your sign? Your lobby? The main page of your website? Whatever it is, that's the headline for your business, and potential customers may not get any closer if they don't like your headline. Messages on hold while callers wait is your telephone "headline".

When it comes to customers waiting on hold, silence is not golden, it's a lost opportunity. If you are playing a radio for your callers, they're hearing advertisements for other businesses, maybe even your competitor. Even an outdated on hold message for your own business is yesterday's headline.

Messages on hold from Captive Audience will soothe callers

We relax callers on hold, and while they wait, we introduce products and services that will add to your bottom line. Callers may have been dealing with you for years but still not know all the benefits of working with you. Captive Audience messaging on hold presents the fresh headlines your business needs to grow.

Sample ad's For

Business Telephone Systems
Voice Communications
Home Improvement Center
Barr Lumber
Air Conditioning Contractor
CE Mechanical
Chiropractor's Office
Chiropractor's Office
Environmental Products
Mortgage Company
Arcstone Financial
Real Estate
2nd Alarm
Insurance Agency
Jackson & Jackson Insurance
Massey Insurance
Building & Property Management
Boone Fetter And Associates
Embroidery & Silkscreen
Impressions USA
Staffing Company
Priority Personnel
Motorcycle Shop
Motorcycle Goodies
Car Wash
Sparkle Car Wash

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